Creating art has an element that is difficult to explain to non-creative people. Once a technique has been learned, something else takes over in my psyche. I become so absorbed in the work that time passes. I am unaware of hunger, thirst or the ache in my back. The love of colors mixing on paper or canvas is a mystifying process, even though I know what is expected when certain colors are intermingled.

I find non-objective work truly challenging and satisfying. In making this type of art you have created a painting out of nothing. You choose the form and colors. It is in these times that a human being is most like the Creator. This does not mean I do not appreciate beautifully rendered realistic subject matter. I do, and continue to paint that way. I never try to copy a subject exactly as it is. That would not be creative to me. Non-objective and abstract paintings leaves more room for wonderful unexpected things to happen. Passages that flow on the paper surprise me and cannot be duplicated. They are one of a kind. Sometime when I come out of this creative zone I am amazed that I am allowed to sign my name to this work.